Pushing the Surface 2017

On display May 6th - June 18th, 2017

The exhibition features 26 contemporary art quilts created by artists from seven states and one international country, Israel. The artists were asked to display two art quilts--an early piece along with a new one. The pleasure in a retrospective exhibit of this sort is seeing how the artist and the art form itself has altered or perhaps matured over the years.

For those unfamiliar with the art quilt genre, these works value creativity and experimental techniques rather than the classic form and hand-stitched meticulousness of a traditional quilt. Although most of the works share the basic structural characteristics of a quilt—joining at least two layers of fiber with stitching, they break from tradition in their design methods. Surfaces may be pieced and patched as one finds in a traditional quilt, but they may also be painted, dyed, laser printed, appliquéd or fused. The techniques are as varied as the subject matter, which is as varied as the effects. In the end the artists create a truly new statement that speaks to mind and spirit like all great art is meant to do.

Most of the artists have shown in previous Pushing the Surface exhibits over the past 20 years. Each has a distinctive style and the cultivation of their artistry over the years has produced even more intriguing expressions. Ohio artists include Clare Murray Adams, John Lefelhocz, Carolyn Mann Brinkhaven and Susan Shie. All have shown in national or regional exhibits and have their quilts featured in books, periodicals and traveling exhibitions. The exhibit is truly a dance of color, beauty, ingenuity and story.

This is the tenth year Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum has presented this biennial exhibit sponsored by the Mary Taylor Family. 


The Ohio Arts Council also helped fund this event with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans. 



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