Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce


Ohio Arts Council
News and information on arts advocacy, programs, services and resources.


American Association of Museums
The AAM is dedicated to ensuring that museums remain a vital part of the American landscape, connecting people with the greatest achievements of the human experience, past, present and future.


The Coshocton Foundation
The Coshocton Foundation's mission is to provide a community controlled organization dedicated to the betterment and long-term development of Coshocton County's natural, community and human resources.


Coshocton Public Library
The Coshocton Public Library was established to provide the residents of Coshocton County with books and materials for information, entertainment, intellectual development and enrichment. The Board of Trustees and the Library Staff recognize the pluralistic nature of this community and the varied backgrounds and need of all citizens, regardless of race, creed or political persuasion.


Coshocton Visitors Bureau
Visit the Visitor Bureau for events, attractions, hotels, businesses & everything else we have to offer in Coshocton Ohio.


Johnson Humrickhouse Museum
300 N. Whitewoman Street
Coshocton, OH 43812
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