Our Mission is to inspire creativity, the love of learning and an appreciation of diverse cultures and local heritage. Towards this end the museum preserves and interprets its cross-cultural collections and presents complementary exhibits and programs.



The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum was established in 1931 with a bequest of 15,000 multi-cultural artifacts by Coshocton Ohio native sons, John & David Johnson.



Special Exhibits

WWI Poster--Rallying the
Home Front

This special exhibit of American propaganda posters commemorates the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry into WWI. The U.S. government decided to use a popular artistic medium, the poster, to incite fear in its citizens of an unknown enemy on another continent. Some of the illustrations have become the most iconic American images ever made, such as James Montgomery Flagg’s stern image of Uncle Sam pointing to the viewer above the words, “I Want You for U.S. Army.” Be prepared for an emotionally powerful and artistically fascinating experience.  Read more 

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Sustainability Needs for 2017

December 2016 we began a campaign to improve the lighting in two galleries and the acoustics in the activity room. We are thankful for a generous grant from McWane Ductile and a donation by The Junior Women's Club. We still need $4,175 for new acoustic tile in the activity room. 

Please consider contributing.

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Acoustic Tile in Activity Room: $4,175 (Total is $4,475)


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