Newark Holy Stones Materials

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 Decalogue Stone replica: $54.00
Key Stone replica: $54.00
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Reading Materials


Old Questions, New Science:

Reinterpreting Native American origins in light of modern methods and technology

40 pgs. $11.00


Position papers by the presenters of JHM's 2009 symposium
Introduction by Dr. Robert Fox
In the Beginning: The Early Search for Human Origins in the New World by Dr. Terry A. Barnhart
The First Americans: A 21st Century Perspective by Dr. Bradley T. Lepper
The Practical Importance of Native American population Genetics by Dr. Cecil M. Lewis, Jr.
Persistent Mysteries: Answering Unanswered Questions about American Antiquity by Dr. Ken Feder



context for controversyNewark "Holy Stones"

Context for Controversy

46 pgs. $11.00


Position papers delivered at the "Newark Holy Stones": Context for Controversy Symposium in 2009 at JHM. Authors include Suzanne O. Carlson, Kenneth L. Feder, Robert R. Fox, Bradley T. Lepper, and J. Huston McCulloc


A Representation of the Two Stones

13 p. $5.00

This is a copy of a ca 1861 pamphlet describing two of the Newark Holy Stones. 


The Newark Holy Stones: The History of an Archaeological Tragedy
57 p. $10.00 








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