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 Advertising Art Industries in Coshocton, Ohio  $23.00

A history of the advertising art boom in Coshocton, Ohio. Includes information about companies and products.
By: William Carlisle










Digital Collection of over 850 images of advertising art displayed at JHM in 2014, $18.00










Recollecting Pope Gosser  $23.00
A compendium of Historic Chinaware produced in Coshocton County, 1902-1958






Mary Harris "The White Woman" of the Ohio Frontier  $19.00
The true story, false legends, and more.
By: Scott E. Butler, Ph.D.

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 Three Great Delaware Leaders of the Coshocton Frontier

By: Scott E. Butler, Ph.D.

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Coshocton Frontier Handbook $27.50
A collection of information about the places, people, events, stories and sources connected to the Coshocton Area and the Related Indian Nations before 1800
By: Scott E. Butler, Ph.D.

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The Coshocton Review   $11.00
"Open your eyes and ears, clear your mind and listen to what I have to say."
A review dedicated to the principle that this place matters, publishing varied non-fiction of high culture concerning history, Native American languages & society, art, literature, criticism, and science with some connection to the place and people of Coshocton, Ohio.

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2016 Volume 1, Number 1

2017 Volume 2, Number 1

Edited by Scott E. Butler, Ph.D.



Poster of Corn Harvest by N. C. Wyeth $16.00
A Massachusetts born artist, Wyeth became famous for his over 3,000 paintings and 112 illustrated books including: Robin Hood, The Last of the Mohicans, Rip Van Winkle, Treasure Island. View this painting in our Historic Ohio gallery.




Samurai Sizzle Ultimate Disc $12.00





 Native American Tribe Wall Map  $8.00


Collection Related Items

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